Let the fun begin!

Hello dear reader and welcome to my blog!

Today’s the day! After weeks of preparation, I am finally starting my trip around the world!
I am so excited to write this first post. I hope I will find enough time along the way to tell you about my adventures.
So let’s start.

After a last evening with my friends in Munich watching theater and enjoying cocktails, it is now time to start the serious stuff.
Although I am still a bit troubled by the recent events in Paris, I had a good night of sleep and I woke up at 07:30 07:45 08:00 to have a quick breafast and finish to pack my backpack.

After a final check in my flat, I went to Marienplatz to take a last picture in front of the townhall and jumped in the Sbahn to go the airport.

First step: baggage drop off. 11.8 kgs for the backpack. Not bad. As I have an additional small bag with my pc and camera, the total weight is around 13.5 kgs.

I couldn’t leave Munich before enjoying a typical bavari
an snack and so I took some time for a last Weissbier and some Leberkaese to get some energy to face my first challenge: the passport control.

I start queuing
in the line for the EU citizens. Controls are going quite fast and so I’m not expecting too much trouble for me.
After the usual surprised look “Oh you re french”, the customs employee asks me about my plans and explaining that I am starting a rtw trip in Japan allows me to cross the border. Hurray!

I am now off to Tokyo.

Servus Muenchen! Ill’ come back some day…maybe 🙂


7 responses to “Let the fun begin!

  1. Vas-Y mon Saypra, ne lâche rien !
    Have fun, take care and think of us. You will always have a place by us !


  2. Good luck little brother 😉
    Never give up! Be strong and the day you’ll be back home, you will have learnt so much about you and people in general.
    And the last but not the least: have fun!


  3. Salut sayprah.
    Ça fait qd même bizarre qu’on va pas se voir si longtemps 😢
    Mais tu vas bien t’éclater et on compte sur toi pour nous faire vivre ça au plus près on veut tous les détails enfin pas trop non plus Émilie et Salomé regarderont ton Blog aussi 😅


  4. Tu nous manques déjà un peu!
    Oublies pas de nous envoyer plein de nouvelles et de photos!
    Et surtout profites


  5. Bonjour,

    Titouan est content que tu te souviennes de son anniversaire. Il t’envoie de gros bisous pour la suite de ton voyage.
    Les photos du japon sont sympa.
    On espére que tes voisins de chambres d’hotel seront moins bruyants.
    Bonne continuation.

    Famille fourché.


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