Nara – Oh my deer!

At the moment, i am enjoying time in the nice small city of Nara, south of Kyoto.
The weather is very good and I spend some time walking around in the Nara Park.
The special thing about this park is that you can find deers everywhere running around completely free.
You can touch them, feed them with special deer crackers sold everywhere in the parc and take pictures with them.

I tried to take a selfie with a deer, but it was a bit difficult. Most of the deers just run away when they realise that your mobile phone is no cracker, one of them was a bit more disappointed and even tried to eat the newspaper I had in my pocket 🙂

Of course there is a temple in this park: The Todaji Temple. Todaji’s main hall, Daibutsuden is the home of the second biggest Buddha in Japan (15m high).

There’s not a lot to see in Nara and so I took some time to try 2 new things. First, I went to a casino game place to try a typical japanese game: Pachinko. It’s a game with some small metal balls that are going doing through a metal pin grid and that you have to put in central hole, controlling only the power and speed the balls are throw in the ple game.
I must admit I didn’t understand everything but the 2 employees that tried to explain me how it worked in japanese were so nice that it still was a pleasant time.
Second, I wanted to try some japanese whisky. I found a nice bar near my guesthouse, with a happy hour and so I went there around 6.
The bar is quite small and we are only three people there including the barmaid. The barmaid is very nice and knows a bit of english. He shows me the different bottles of japanese whisky he has and I pick 2 different kind to try. The first one is a basic suntory and is the easy drinking version that japanese like to mix with sparkling water to make a highball.
After discussing with the waiter, my second choice is a Yamazaki 12yo. The waiter explains me that it’s a very famous whisky in Japan and that it’s quite an expensive one. The taste is very different and much more fine than the basic suntory.
As the glasses served were quite big, I don’t go for a third one for this time and leave the bar to have dinner.

The plan to spend 2 nights is quite good. As there’s no so much to see, i have time to start planning my trip after Japan and start thinking about what I will do in South East Asia.


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