A little bit of history and nature

Good evening,

I just arrived in the city of Fukuoka on the Kyushu island. Actually this stop was not planned at first but thanks to my friend Sylvain from Munich, I found out that one of our favorite DJ (Juicy M, check on youtube) was playing tonight in a club here.
So, as it was on my way to Nagasaki, I thought, cool, let’s go see her show! We are going there with my roomate Mike, who I met in the guesthouse in Hiroshima and who is also a big fan of EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

But first, let me tell you about my last stops. There were actually all short, but all of them were worth it in different ways.

The first one is in the city of Okayama. Okayama is quite a small city and quick to visit, which is good for me, as it will leave me time to start planning the next part of my trip (South East Asia).
The good thing there was that the weather was very nice, warm and sunny and so it was just perfect to visit the castle and the Kurakoen Garden. Nothing special to say about those castle, I just let you check the pictures πŸ™‚

In the evening, I take a short walk in the city and before dinner, I spent some time in place called Joypolis. It has nothing to do with nice girls :), it’s just a big place managed by Sega with a lot of arcade video games.

Next stop is very interesting but one of the heaviest one of my time in Japan.
Indeed, the train takes me to Hiroshima, where I spend the afternoon of my first day visiting the Peace memorial parc and the peace memorial museum.
In the parc, we can find the A-dome. It’s a building that was near the hypocenter of the atomic bomb that was dropped above Hiroshima on August 6th 1945 and whose structures are still intact.
In the museum, we can see the story of the A-bomb, and the consequences on the population. Testimonials from people that lived or survived the bombing are very sad.
I feel a bit down, when I finish the visit. It reminds me of the the mood I had when I visited the concentration camps in Dachau and Auschwitz.
In the parc and around the different memorials, there are a lot of school classes. The kids are working in groups and stop the tourists to ask them about their view on the event and why there are here.
Of course, nobody stopped me, as I don’t look like a tourist and I had my camera hidden in my pocket but joke apart, I hope this could help the young generation to understand what happened.

On the next day, I tried to visit several things but without much success. First I go to the castle to find out that it is closed for renovation.

Then I go to a small village called Saijo, known for the Sake breweries located there.
Actually the visit is a bit disappointing as I arrive around 16:00 to find out that we can only see the different showrooms but not visit the production, and most of them are already closed.
Not a big deal, I take some pictures of the big towers used in the sake production process and head back to Hiroshima to walk throught the lighting event Hiroshima Dreamination.

This takes place in the Peace boulevard and shows different light figures.

On the next day, I take the ferry to spend the night on the Miyajima island. This island is very famous for its shrine in the water where you can walk at low tide. There are also a lot of deers like in Nara, but this time, I won’t try to take selfies πŸ™‚
The first day, it is raining a lot, and so I quickly walk in the village to take a look at the usual sightseeing spots (The great Torii gate,the Istukushima shrine and the Daioshin Temple). I finish the day with the local specialites, fresh and boiled oysters on rice and a nice bowl of Sake.

On the second day, the weather is much better and I hike to the top of the mount Misen where I can enjoy a fantastic view. The hike was not long, only 1 hour to the top, but the 2,5 kms were not so easy (the top is at 535m) as I didn’t train at all during the last 2 months. It reminded me a bit of the first time I walked home in the Rue du petit Chene in Lausanne πŸ™‚
The owner of the guesthouse where I stayed in Miyajima was very nice with me, as he’s very fond of France and was preparing a trip to Paris/Nantes and the Mont St-Michel. For the hike, he gives me a bottle of Lemongina, which I’ve never seen before. Actually he explains me that it is the same as Orangina but with Lemon. Could it be counterfeit? πŸ˜‰

Btw, let me introduce to you the new mascot: Panda.
Here is with some friends he found in Miyajima:


The next post will speak about my last days and will cover the Kyushu island.

Have a nice day!


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