Sayonara Japan!

Hello everybody,

in the last post, I left you on my way to Fukuoka.
Actually I can’t tell you a lot about the city as I didn’t visit it 🙂
As I wrote previously, I only went there to see the show of DJ Juicy M with my friend Mike.
Mike arrived the day before in Fukuoka, and so he had the time to visit a bit (and buy a PS Vita to play Final Fantasy VIII 😉 ).

Before going out, we have some Ramen and Skewers for dinner in a mini food tent along the river.
On the way to the night club, we meet a guy putting posters of the party in the street and we find out later that the guy is actually the DJ opening the party.
The show is very cool and the funny thing for Mike, is that everybody wants to speak with him and invites him for drinks, as he’s the only white guy in the room 🙂

The next day is quite hard, and I do nothing special before leaving to Nagasaki except booking my diving days in Thailand.

In Nagasaki, I am welcomed by an orchester at the train station and after checkin in at my guesthouse, I finish my bookings for Thailand before grabbing some food at the 7 Eleven in the corner.

In the guesthouse kitchen, I meet 3 friendly guests, 1 guy from Norway and 1 japanese girl in holiday with her 7yo daughter.
We have an interesting conversion about our different travel experiences and at one point, the girl tells me something that will make some of you smile 🙂
She spent some time in Germany and she thinks some people were making fun of her as they kept telling her “Ching Chang Chong”. What does it mean? did she ask me, is it chinese or something? 😉

On the next day, I visit the Peace Memorial parc like in Hiroshima and the atomic bomb museum.
At the pillar representing the hypocenter of the A-bomb, I see a group of young asian people dressed in a very fashion way making funny selfies.
Maybe because I am french and lived some time in Germany, I feel a bit schocked as they don’t seem to realise what the pillar behind is representing.
Luckily a tour guide goes shouting at them, and asks them to think a bit about what they are doing and to show a bit more respect.

The next stop of my visit in the beautiful Kurokawa Onsen area. It is a hidden place in the moutains near mount Aso with a lot of hot water sources.

I booked a room in a traditional japanese Ryokan. The room is very nice with a direct view on the river and the mountains.
The particularity of the Ryokan is that the room is set up as a living room during the day, and the futon bed is only installed in the evening.
The Ryokan is quite big with a lot of different baths accessible 24 hours. The food highlights are the eggs for breafast directly cooked in hot springs and horse meat sushi. yummi 🙂

After having enjoyed and relaxed in Kurokawa, I take the bus to Kumamoto. The bus is crossing the Aso moutain region, and as the weather is really nice, the view on the moutains and the fields with their autumn colors is simply amazing.

I arrive quite late in Kumamoto and after checking in at my guesthouse, I walk to the city center to have dinner. In one arcade, I see a small sign making advertisement for a new Shoshu bar. I go there by curiosity.
Nori, the japanese owner spent some time in Australia and around the world and enjoys explaining Shoshu (rice alcohol) and the japanese culture to foreign visitors.
I spend a funny night hearing stories about the distillation of Shoshu,  discussing with japanese friends of the owner and trying the special samourai shot.

The next morning is quite hard, but I am forcing myself to walk a bit to visit the Kumamoto castle.
With a very nice weather, I enjoy the view on the city from the top of the castle, and for lunch I have a nice burger with coke to fight hangover 🙂

My trip in Japan is now over. I am taking the plane from Kumamoto back to Tokyo to spend the night there before taking the plane to Thailand.
I couldn’t leave Japan without testing a capsule hotel, so I booked a capsule in the 9 hours hotel in Terminal 2 of Narita Airport.
Very interesting experience. The capsule hall is quite big with more than 200 capsules. With the night light, it reminds me a bit of the scene in the Matrix moviewhere Neo wakes up and sees the real world for the first time.
The capsules are more spacious than what I expected and I spend a nice last night in Japan.

I am now in the plane to Bangkok. Sayonara Japan, it was an unforgettable experience visiting you!

4 responses to “Sayonara Japan!

  1. Hi brother, la tenue traditionnelle te va très bien, tu as l’air d’un vrai Japonais avec ton type asiatique 😀 ca me rappelle aussi le film ” le dernier samouraï ” 😉
    Perso, trop claustro pour avoir envie de dormir dans ta chambre capsule, mais ca doit être une expérience a vivre.
    En tout cas des expériences hors du temps présent, qui t’emmènent dans la tradition ou le futur, dans le même pays, drôlement sympa !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. La tenue traditionnelle te va très bien, surtout, avec ton type asiatique , on dirait que tu es un autochtone ☺ ca me rappelle le film le dernier samouraï.
    La capsule est une expérience qui serait intéressante si je n’etais pas claustro.
    C’est une culture intéressante, hors du temps, qui concilie bien tradition et futur.


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