Roadtrip in southern Laos

Khonene Phapheng Waterfalls. Those waterfalls situated near the Don Khone island are very famous and there’s also a small buddhist temple protecting a sacred tree. We enjoy the sunset on the waterfalls and after that, we finish our road trip by parking the car in Nakasong.

From there, we take a boat to cross the mekong to Don Det Island. The island is very famous and so we can see a lot of tourists, but I am still positively surprised that it’s not crowded more .
After having found some rooms to spend the night, we walk a bit to find a place for diner, but as it is dark outside with not so many public lights, we stop at a restaurant not far from our guesthouse. My aunt observes the “farang” (tourists) around and finds amusing that they buy beer like the lao people 🙂


After a nice long night, we spend the next day exploring the island by bike. We also cross the bridge to reach the neighbour island Don Khone and stop a few minutes at the beautiful Li Phi waterfalls.

After a short lunch and back at the guesthouse, it’s time for a heartbreaking farewell. My family is going home. I will stay one day more to relax in Don Det before crossing the border to Cambodia.
Si Phan Don is a place I would really recommend. The life on the islands is really relaxing and there are many things to do to explore the nature, on the land or in the water. Tourism is still not over developed and is still more or less integrated in the local life.
The sunset on the islands is simply amazing, especially with the small fishing boats coming back home.

The trip to Siem Reap in Cambodia on the next day was quite long. First I had to take the boat back to Nakasong and there, a bus brought the group I was travelling with to the lao/cambodian border. Of course there was all the usual scam described on internet there, extra cost to have the lao exit stamp, fake quarantine tent on the cambodian border, etc… but as I was aware of it, I could cross the border quite fast without any major problem.
On the cambodian side, the group is transferred to another mini van heading to Stung Streng to a bigger bus hub and there we are put in a bigger bus. After a total of 10 hours,  I finally arrive in Siem Reap.

In the next post, I will report about my visit of the famous Angkor Wat and the temples around, it was one of the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my life till now.



One response to “Roadtrip in southern Laos

  1. Thank you for the new pictures and travel experiences. It is a pleasure to see how happy you are among your family. I am sure not only we “followers” have a great time to read this but you as well, then your journey is over and you found your place to life.
    have a save trip!

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