Enjoying diversity in Indonesia – Part 3

Hello dear readers,

welcome to my the last post about my stay in Indonesia. This post is a bit special for me as it is also the last one in the Asia Pacific Region.
Indeed, after exactly 6 months travelling, I am now sitting in the plane taking me across the pacific ocean to reach the US West coast (Emirates is amazing, they have WIFI onboard).

But first, let me tell you a bit about my last days in Indonesia.
After the episode on Mt Ijen, we take the ferry with Mila&Fabian from Banyugwangi in Java to Gilimanuk in Bali.
The crossing is quite fast, less than one hour, but it gives us enough time to discuss about our next destination.
As we saw enough mountains and volcanoes, we are now keen for some beaches and so we decide go to Lovina.
It is a small city in North Bali known for the big number of dolphins on its coast and the black sand beach.
We first struggle to find a bus, as the drivers try as usual to overcharge us a lot, but thanks to Mila’s negociation skills, we finally find some seats at the “normal” rate.
Along the road, the bus stops several times to pick up or drop off some passengers but also various deliveries. This allowed for example Mila to sit just next to 4 roosters 🙂
Arrived in Lovina, we find an accomodation quite easily as we’re still not in high season and so the city is rather empty.
The place is quite nice with bungalows decorated like mini temples and a pool to cool down. However during our stay, we are a bit annoyed by unpleasant things like a very pushy travel agent at the hotel trying to sell us diving or dolfins watching trips or the laundry woman cheating very obviously on the laundry weight to overcharge us.
Our program in Lovina is quite light, as we all need a long night to recover from our sunrise treks in Yogja, Bromo and Ijen.
In the afternoon, we just walk around on the black sand beach and in the city. We then head back home to relax on the pool side and work a bit on the plan for the next days (and for me also for the US trip).

On the next day, we decide to go to Ubud. As we want to avoid the overpriced shuttle bus offered by the travel agencies, we struggle 2 hours to find a bemo to go first to Singaraja, then to the right bus station and finally to Ubud for a fair price.
The ride to Ubud takes a few hours but is not boring a all, as the landscape is really nice, especially the rice fields. At one point, we also have to get off the bemo to push, as the motor stopped and didn’t want to restart.

Arrived in Ubud, I am a bit surprised to see how touristic the city is compared to the places I’ve been so far. In the center, there are a lot of western restaurants and supermarkets.
We struggle a bit to find an accomodation for a good price. Bali is a bit more expensive in general than the other islands in Indonesia.
Finally we find one on booking.com and so we allow ourselves a few beers to recover from the long travel day.
We stop at a reggae bar, where some people are playing the guitar and singing. The atmosphere is really nice and relax. At one point, Fabian joins 2 young guys to play the drum box for a jam session.
After having diner at the same place, we then head to our homestay for a deserved night.
We start the next day by walking in the city and then visiting the monkey forest. It is a conservation area shared by more than 600 monkeys. It is very funny to walk around so many monkeys. They are used to tourists and some of them don’t hesitate to come very close to try to steal food or anything handheld like cameras.

There are also some temples but they are not open to the public.

After the visit in the monkey forest, we then go for a walk in the North of Ubud in the rice fields.

The landscape is very amazing and it is very pleasant to simply walk in the nature.
Nothing special to report for the evening, we just go back home to chill out and watch Game of Thrones 😉

On my last day, I do nothing special, except visiting quickly the Ubud palace, writing some postcards and work further on the trip to come. I start thinking about my itinerary in South America to try to synchronise my trip with other friends.

The morning after, we split the group to continue our respective journeys. Mila is going to the Gili island, Fabian will cross to Lombok and i am taking the plane to Seattle.

Goodbye Indonesia and good bye Asia Pacific! It was very nice exploring the area during the last six months. Let’s explore now America and Africa 🙂


2 responses to “Enjoying diversity in Indonesia – Part 3

  1. Kaum zu glauben, dass schon wieder ein halbes Jahr rum ist…. weiterhin viel Spaß und vielen Dank für deine tollen Berichte und Fotos

    Liked by 1 person

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