Up to East Africa – Part 3

Jambo dear readers!

like in the famous song of the Swedish band Europe, it’s the final countdown! Indeed, my trip is almost over and after this post, there will be only two more before I close this wonderful project. Those 13 months have been an unforgettable experience for me and I’ve seen and learned so much. I could write pages about it but as I am a bit lazy 🙂 and I also need time to prepare the “after trip”, I will keep only my favorite topics for the very last post and hope that you’ll have the opportunity to travel yourself to discover the world and make your own experience.

But first, some of you want to hear about Tanzania 🙂 So let’s go back to Victoria falls to resume my story.
Here are some tunes from Malawi to put in your ears while reading this post:

Day 23/Monday/05.12.16
We depart from Victoria falls with the new group in the early morning. Spending 3 nights in a row at the same place allowed me to rest a bit and I am ready to start the second part of the tour in a good mood and full of energy. The program of the day is quite simple. After having crossed the border with Botswana once again, we are back in the afternoon in Chobe national park for another game drive.
The usual suspects are still there, elephants, buffalos, hippos, baboons, jackals, different kind of antilopes but this time we are also very lucky to find some wild dogs (also called lycaon) resting in the shadow. This was the only “big” animal missing on my list, I can now go home 😉

After sunset, we arrive at our bush camp in the middle of the park where we spend the night.

Day 24/Tuesday/06.12.16
We start day 24 with a last game drive in Chobe national park before going back to Kasane. From there we cross the Zambezi river on a ferry to enter Zambia. It’s the 21st country I am visiting in my trip! After that, we have a long drive to Livingstone with a shopping stop in the middle.
Some readers asked me how the supermarkets we are stopping at look like. Here are some pictures, you will be amazed how they look different from the ones in Europe 😉

Day 25/Wednesday/07.12.16
Nothing special to report about day 25. It is a long day driving from Livingstone to Lusaka in Eastern Zambia with a shopping stop in the middle.

The road is boring and seems endless. We arrive at our campsite in Lusaka to put up our tents shortly before sunset.

Day 26/Thursday/08.12.16
Day 26 is another long day drive this time from Lusaka to South Luangwa national park. We have to stop a bit more than an hour on the way because of a truck accident blocking the road. However we make it to Luangwa before sunset.

Day 27/Friday/09.12.16
Day 27 starts with a game drive in South luangwa national park. The weather is pretty good and this allows me to take nice pictures of the animals we spot. However the big cats are too shy this time. The other group is more lucky and gets to see a leopard very close.

In the afternoon, we have a short drive from Luangwa to our next campsite in Chipata near the border with Malawi.

Day 28/Saturday/10.12.16
Day 28 is a very good day as it is the first day since a long time where we don’t spend the whole day seating in a vehicule. After having crossed the border with Malawi in the morning, we just have a couple of hours driving from Chipata to our camp site on Kande beach at the central Lake.

The place is amazing and very relaxing. The weather is perfect, the beach is very nice and the water very blue. After a lazy beach and lake session in the early afternoon, I participate in a funny Yoga session organized by our friend Paul for the group. The session is one hour long, however, I give up after 45mins after having confirmed the obvious: my flexibility is legendary and my core muscles are completely gone 🙂 Here are some pictures of the class, please don’t laugh out too loud.

We finish the day by enjoying a wonderful sunset on the lake.

Day 29/Sunday/11.12.16
The next day is quite busy compared to the previous ones. We start in the morning with a guided visit of the village next to the camp site. First, we see how the village is organised around the chief and his family.

After that, we meet some kids at the local school.

To finish the visit, we walk a bit further to see the local hospital. On the way there, we see the plantations of cassava (also known as manioc) around the village.

The visit is quite interesting. However, as the village is very poor and is relying on tourism as income source, vendors in the street are sometimes very insisting and I have the feeling locals see me only as a walking cash machine and not as a human being (I had this feeling also in some parts of South East Asia).
Back at the campsite, I finish the morning by a scuba dive just in front of the island around Kande island. Unfortunately for me, the visibility is very bad and I don’t see anything except my bubbles.

I spend the afternoon sorting out my pictures and lying on the beach. Once again, the sunset is amazing and I enjoy the nice blue and purple colors of the sky merging with the lake.

After diner we spend a nice time with some locals on the beach playing music and drinking beer. After a while, we decide to come back to the bar of the camp site after our local friends stop “being nice” and are only interested in selling us any kind of stuff.

Day 30/Monday/12.12.16
On day 30, we leave Kande beach to drive to the North of lake Malawi. Our next camp site is located at Chitimba beach. Nothing special to report about the place except once again the beautiful colors of the sunset.
dsc02230Day 31/Tuesday/13.12.16
Day 31 is another, now usual long day driving. Our journey takes us from Lake Malawi to our next camp near in Iringa in Tanzania. I already hear some of you saying “finally, he arrived in Tanzania!”. Unfortunately I have nothing special to report about my first day in this new country, not even a problem at the border 🙂

Day 32/Wednesday/14.12.16
“Ok, but now you will have something to tell us right?” Ahah, well maybe, just be a bit more patient… On day 32, we drive from Iringa to the largest city in Tanzania: Dar es Salaam. The difference with the previous days is huge: this time we are in a real big city with its big avenues, its skyscrapers but also its traffic jams 🙂

However we won’t start our visit of Tanzania here and we just drive through the city to our camp site a bit outside the city, next to the ocean.

The night is a bit shorter than expected. Indeed, we are woken up by a mini storm and as we forgot to put the rain cover on our tent and I forgot to close the door when I got out to look for it, half of our tent is completely wet and even if i get all my things out to put them in a dry place, I have almost no dry clothes to pack for our 3 days excursion we are starting now.
Indeed, after breakfast, our truck takes us to the pier: we are crossing to Zanzibar where we’ll spend the next 3 nights.

As I need to keep some good stories for my last post about Africa, I need to stop this one here. Report about Zanzibar and the rest of Tanzania in the next episode 😉


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